Q:How do u think Shaw would react to the lengths Root went through in season 4 to find her? And what of Root’s reaction to Shaw crossing an ocean and a desert(翻山越岭跋山涉水/骑自行车寻妻锤 to find her again?

Sarah:Yeah, Shaw,she would be touched,she is a character that doesn't really give off too much.But i think she would definitely give couple head nods and maybe try to make eye contact,slowly inch closer,just those very subtle things with her.(此处请脑补面瘫锤)

➡️画重点And then one night just GRAB HER AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER.😂(姓S的老司姬表示我知道你们就等着听这个🌝,姓A的还从善如流地补了一句i was gonna say brunch🌝🌝



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